Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break

This past week was Spring Break so Cole didn't have preschool and we didn't have any of our usual activities. But, that didn't stop us from keeping busy and having lots of fun. I love it now that Cole is at an age where we can go and do stuff together. I am a "goer" and so is Cole (and Jonathan too for that matter) so it works out well for all of us! :-)

So here is our week in pictures, with a little commentary too.

On Monday, we headed to Paradise Park in Lee's Summit. The weather was great so we spent most of our time there playing outside.

It tuckered Cole out and I had to get a picture because somehow the giraffe sticker was accidentally, but strategically, placed right on his binky. Didn't seem to bother him though. :-)

On Wednesday morning Jonathan was home since he had to night fly the night before. We began at the donut shop and it was SO good!

Then we headed to the park for a little outside fun.

On Thursday Cole and I went to Chuck-E-Cheese. He loved this basketball game and was pretty good at it!

He liked riding the horse too.

Then Friday we went with Kaden and Dani to see Toy Story 3 on ice. Here are the boys waiting on the show to start.

The end of the show. Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy also made an appearance so Cole was pretty excited. He knows these characters well!

Me and my boy!

And on Saturday, we ventured to Chuck-E-Cheese again! Crazy, right? It was our friend and neighbor, Adam's actual birthday so we went to celebrate with him. We all had a blast and Cole enjoyed having his friends and his dad there to play with.

Cole, Kaden and Adam eating pizza.

After we left there we went to Bass Pro Shop. I have mentioned many times that Cole loves it there so we promised him after his nap in the car we would take him there. We bought him a fishing rod so he would have it to take to Alabama so he can fish with Pawpaw. Hint, hint, Pawpaw! :-)

We had a great day as a family and we got to spend it with friends too! Doesn't get much better than that!


  1. Pawpaw's a good teacher! I'm sure Cole will be catching big-o-fish in no time!!

  2. Man I love you two SO MUCH! It melts my heart when Cole says "daddy I ruv you" or just out of the blue he says "I picked you up at the airport" or "I missed u daddy". The random "thats my best roxy", "can we go to the zoo?" or "i wanna go superhigh". But what make me the proudest is to him say the blessing and his nightly prayers. Heather youve a pretty nice job at a pretty thankless job! You're the best and I love u both!!!

  3. Love Cole's spiky hairdo! Paw Paw & Cole fished during his recent Alabama visit. Cole reeled in a fish!