Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Day

Friday was the first nice spring-like day that we have had in awhile. Luckily, Jonathan was off so we went to one of Cole's favorite places (they all involve animals!)...the zoo!

We started off at the polar bear exhibit since it is the first thing you come to when you enter. The Africa part of the zoo was closed that day due to construction of a new skyline, but we so look forward to going back next month and riding the skyline over the animals.

Why walk or ride in the stroller when you can ride in style on daddy's shoulders. :-)

Our little family! I am BLESSED!

Lunch time! We took a picnic to eat at the zoo. All of the "good" tables were full, but we still found us a nice little spot.

This baby orangutan was the cutest thing ever! He just ate his lettuce and played while we all watched. I could have stayed all day just observing him.

Silly Cole posing with the kangaroos behind him.

This was yesterday at church. We worked the 3 year old room so I snapped a quick pic before the kiddos arrived. I thought he looked so cute in his spring colored shirt.

It is snowing today, but I must say I am glad. Glad because this should be the LAST snow of the season! Yay! The temperatures the rest of the week look great, with 70 degrees as the high on Thursday. Bring on Spring!!

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  1. It is supposed t be 60 here on Thursday, so we are planning on heading to the zoo!! I can't wait for Ty to see all the animals again, now that he knows what they are!!! Should be a great time!! I am sure Jack will enjoy his visit too, all bundled up in the stroller or ergo! :)