Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Buffalo Park and Zoo

Friday we took a family day and went to Tupelo's Buffalo Park & Zoo.  It was a really neat place and we found out a local man (who I assume is fairly wealthy) owns this as a hobby.  It started as a buffalo farm where he had over 300 buffalos.  He eventually sold most of the buffalo and started adding more animals to have more of a variety.

About to head in...

Checking out the snakes.

Feeding the pygmy goats.  Oh what I would do to have a yard (or farm!) full of pygmy goats.  I have told Jonathan this lots of times so maybe someday we will.  I just love these little things and they can make great pets! :-)

More goats!

Cole and I with the huge Indian statue.

We will went on a riding tour of the place where we could see the animals up close.

Feeding the buffalo.

The kids getting the feed.

And throwing it in!

Leave it to Jonathan to try and pet the animal! :-)

Feeding the giraffe...his name is Tall Boy and he is the tallest giraffe in captivity.  It was really cool!

Cole and Daddy

Bye Buffalo Park, we had fun!

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