Saturday, May 12, 2012

Having Fun!

We have a fun past few days!  It started out Thursday night with a trip to Tupelo for the Circus!  Cole went to his first circus in Kansas City almost two years ago.  It's crazy what a difference two years makes because he enjoyed it so much more this time.  

About to head in...

Me! :-)

Cole with his snow cone.  He got to pick one thing and this was it.

Waiting for it to start.  

The elephants.  Love these animals! I want to say Roll Tide every time I see one! :-)

This morning I hosted a baby shower here at my house for a sweet friend pregnant with her first baby.  No pictures, but we had a fun time! :-)

I left right after the shower to catch up with Jonathan and Cole at Chloe's birthday party at the Skate Zone.  

I brought my socks and I was ready to skate! :-)

Having fun!

And then falling down...walker and all!

These two melt my heart! I sure do love my boys! 

Cole and his sweet friend and neighbor, Ava.

Cole and Chloe, the birthday girl.  She is turning 7 and also one of our neighbors.  It is amazing how well these two play together even with a 3 year age gap.  Chloe is basically an only child (her sister is 18) so she and Cole play together ALOT!

Chloe got a light up pacifier so Cole thought he had to have one too! It's funny to me that they sell these things there.  Apparently a pacifier is a cool toy?!?!  Who knew?

We've had a fun past few days and I'm looking forward to celebrating Mother's Day with my boys tomorrow.  

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