Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Garden

Well, I really shouldn't say "our" garden as it is more Jonathan's garden. :-)  I water it for him some, but he is the one who has done all the real work.

All of our vegetables (except for the cabbage) were started with seeds.  Jonathan started growing them indoors in February and then moved them outside in late March.  It is all grown with organic compost...some from our own compost bins and some bought from a local nursery.

Cole and Jonathan picked zucchini and squash this afternoon.  Cole has really enjoyed helping in the garden.  

More of the garden...

Some cute little tomatoes...I can taste those fried green tomatoes already! :-)


We have fruit too!  Here are a couple of our strawberry plants and we have been getting some here and there.

We also have 5 blueberry bushes, 3 blackberry bushes and 1 rasberry.

These are second year bushes so they will produce fruit this year.

And a picture of my backyard just because I love it so much!  It is so nice to have a spacious backyard for Cole and his friends to play and ride the four wheeler in.

After they picked the zucchini we made up some zucchini bread.  We just ate it hot out of the oven and it was SO good!

I'm really proud of Jonathan and all his hard work on the garden.  I can't wait to have fresh fruit and veggies right out of my backyard for the rest of the summer!

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