Thursday, May 24, 2012

Class of 2012

I can't believe it, but somehow my little sister is old enough to graduate!  We were blessed to be able to spend the weekend in Cleveland, TN and celebrate Courtney's achievement.  

We went to Panera on Friday night and it was so good, as usual!

We stayed at the same hotel as Stephanie so the kids go to play together.  I was able to get a picture of them all spiffed up before Courtney's graduation Saturday morning.

My and Jonathan...Cole was too busy playing to take a picture.

Stephanie and my Grandmother BB

Cole looking for Aunt Courtney

Jonathan and Jay dressed alike.  I think they planned it. :-)

There were 290 graduates in her class.  She is in there somewhere!

Stephanie and I.  We are like night and day, but we do have a blast when we are together.  Lots of laughs are had!

Pretty Courtney after receiving her diploma.


Court and BB

Courtney with my mom and stepdad

After graduation we went to the Japanese Steakhouse, Tako Yaki.  It was good!

Cole and Claire drinking their Shirley Temples.   They thought the umbrellas on their drinks were so cool! 

We put Jonathan and Jay at one table with all the kids.  What  a great plan! :-)

Singing to Courtney!

And then it was cake time!

We had a great weekend and hardly got any sleep, but it was worth it.  I'm so proud of Courtney and pray that God continues to bless and keep her as she moves on to the next stage of her life.

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