Monday, July 8, 2013

Enjoying summer

Just some random phone pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Love this chubby sweet baby.

Crosby and Daddy after church last Sunday.

Trying out the Bumbo.

Me and the boys spent the week before last at Jonathan's parents house.   School starts in a month so we are trying to spend as much time with family as we can.

Cole has taken a few naps this summer too.   He plays so hard!

We went to the Birmingham Zoo and checked out the Dino exhibit again.

It was Crosby's first time at the zoo.

He slept through the dino exhibit.

But woke up for the sea lion show.

Happy boy!

We enjoyed the four day weekend with friends and also a trip to Tupelo with a stop by Chuck-E-Cheese.  Another first for Crosby!  

Having fun!

Cole got some scary teeth with some of his tickets.

My prince charming before church yesterday.

And this picture is just to document how much Cole is like his dad.  Not only does he look like him, he acts like him too! :-)  Cole picked this cucumber out of the garden and then ate it on the way to church.  Totally something Jonathan would do!  

Some harvest from the garden.  We have made a blackberry cobbler, blueberry pie and blueberry pancakes with some of our harvest.  These fruits and veggies are as organic as they get!

We are loving summer and enjoying our time together!

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