Monday, June 14, 2010

Brunch and Church Picnic

On Thursday morning a friend from church, Kelly, had our small group over for brunch. She likes to cook and entertain and boy did she do a good job. Cole and Isaiah had fun playing together too. The piano was a hit and Cole loved it, but I was apprehensive that he would tear it up so I didn't let him play too long.

I brought bubbles along because that always entertains Cole for a little bit.

She had everything set up so nice. We ate off of nice dishes and it now has me inspired to go to local antique shops for some nice dishes for myself. I would love to have a tea party.

Here is my plate. Strawberry cream cheese pancakes, bacon, eggs and apple strudel. I made the strudel and it turned out pretty good.

Cole ate his picnic style. I kid you not when I tell you he ate everything on his place. If you know Cole then this doesn't really surprise you. :-) I am just always amazed at how much this little guy can eat!

On Sunday we had our annual church picnic. It had rained some before the picnic started so it was pretty muddy and sticky, but that didn't stop us from having a great time. I love watching Cole play and enjoy himself. It is one of the joys of motherhood to me.

Splashing through the puddles on the way in

I just love how scenic this picture is

Heading out on our paddle boat ride

The lake we paddled on

Self portrait :-)



A mess!

After the above picture Cole managed to jump into (bottom first) a big ole' mud puddle. Needless to say he walked around muddy and wet until it was time to go. Luckily kids could careless if they are dirty. :-)

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