Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Music and Movement

Cole and I went to a Music and Movement class on Monday hosted by a friend of mine, Joyce. She used to teach preschool, but since having a baby has decided to stay home and teach these classes on the side. Cole is still a little young for this class as he didn't want to sit still and didn't understand everything that we were doing. Nonetheless, we had fun and I captured a few shots of him in action.

Dancing before we headed out to class

Cole looking at Ashlin for directions

The big parachute was fun!


Being 2! Who knows what upset him! :-)

And speaking of dancing, a couple of weeks ago Cole's friend Kaden came over to play. Kaden brought with him a kid's Motown music CD he had gotten at Wendy's. The boys wanted to hear the CD so I put it in and this is was I got. These two are too funny!

Small children are definitely a constant source of entertainment! ;-)

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  1. I love to watch them dance!!!! We are SO going to embarrass them one day with these pictures when they bring girlfriends home:)