Friday, June 18, 2010

Pool Time!

It was a steamy 95 degrees here today so we figured what better way to spend the afternoon than at the pool! Cole is loving Nassif this year, just like I hoped he would. He climbs up the stairs and goes down the slide all by himself. I am telling you, this child is FEARLESS (which has its pros and cons)! We already have his 2nd birthday party booked here too so it should be fun!

Posin' with dad before heading into the water

Climbing the stairs

About to slide (he went down the slide no less than 100 times!)

Taking it all in

Heading for the tunnel

On another note, we picked our first tomatoes today! Not the best looking things, but hopefully the ones to come will get better looking. We are growing strawberries too and have already picked several of those as well as peppers and watermelons. Should be interesting to see if we actually get any watermelons. The gardening is all Jonathan so I let him have at it. :-)

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  1. Hey Guys!! I SO enjoyed getting caught up with your wonderful blog. It helps me feel "connected" which I guess what it is supposed to do. I loved every moment of it. Thanks for being the great parents you are . . . taking time to share the memories from afar. I love you all - Grandmommy Cole