Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Cuteness

Not sure what this face is about or why he is on Kaden's bike and not his own, but still cute nonetheless. This was taken with Jonathan's iPhone and was from the weekend when I was at the retreat. Cole is slowly starting to learn how to pedal his we need to teach him to steer and brake. :-)

Another picture from my retreat weekend. They went to "Get the red out" for the Mules football game and Clifford made an appearance.

Cole playing in daddy's truck and wearing his hat.

You can't get the full effect from this picture, but Cole has been taking an entourage of animals with him to bed for naptime and bedtime. There were several more crammed down at his feet, but I couldn't get them in the picture. It cracks me up because he is so obsessed with animals. Maybe he will be a vet when he grows up. :-)

We went to Independence Center last weekend and they have this nifty little train that you can ride around the mall. Of course Cole had to ride it and it was only $3 each, so we couldn't say no. I let him and his daddy partake in this fun.

And a cute little video of him during the train ride.

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  1. So very cute!

    (I love the last picture in the little guys would have been thrilled riding in that train)