Monday, September 20, 2010

Wings Over Whiteman

The base had their air show this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. However, on Friday night they had a twilight viewing for military only. This was great because the weather was nice and somewhat cool and there was no crowds. Here is Cole before heading out. His shirt has an A-10 on it and it says Cool Yer Jets. He has had this shirt for a few months and I just now put it on him. Good thing I did because it was almost too small.

Smiling with Daddy before heading out.

The huge monster truck. I had my attack shirt on also so we were all dressed in our A-10 gear. :-)

Cole and Kaden holding hands. Glad to know Cole does has some sweetness in him. :-)

Silly boys! These two sure can entertain one another.

Cole and Daddy on a helicopter. The pilot of this plane was their and he was kind enough to let them crawl all over it.

But, since Friday just wasn't enough for us, we had to go back Saturday and enjoy the heat and crowds. Jonathan was working the static display so he got to tell people all about the A-10 and answer their questions. This was right up his alley.

We did manage to get a family pic. Cole and I decided to forgo our A-10 gear in exchange for our Alabama gear. It was a great day for the Tide too!

While daddy worked the static display, Cole and I headed to the bounce houses and slide. He of course had a blast. Here he is in action.

After that we had a picnic in the shade under the A-10, played a little bit more and then called it a day.

We all had a great time at the air show. This was our second and most likely last one to attend here at Whiteman. I will say it MUCH more enjoyable this year than last. Cole getting older and actually being able to enjoy things makes life much more pleasant.

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