Monday, June 13, 2011


This weekend we went on a short camping/boating trip and took our "little brother" Matthew and neighbor Bryce with us. We set out to Truman Lake on Friday around 11am.

We stopped at Hardees for lunch on our way to the lake.

We got to the lake and chose our campsite. Cole was all ready to start setting up.

Jonathan's monster truck was perfect for pulling the boat. A guy Jonathan works with was gracious enough to let us borrow his boat.

We got our tent all set up!

And then we were off on the boat. The weather was perfect and the kids loved the boat ride.

Jonathan and Cole even did a little knee boarding...without the knee part! :-)

Bryce and Matthew
And yes, even I got into the murky lake water. :-) It actually felt pretty good and I enjoyed swimming around.

We also visited the little beachy area so the kids could play in the sand and water.

At the end of the day it was back to the campsite for hotdogs and smores. No camping trip is ever complete without smores! And it is a good thing we ate them Friday night because by Saturday morning a raccoon had gotten into our cooler and eaten all our chocolate (along with our bacon and eggs we were going to have for breakfast)!

Cole's favorite part of camping...peeing outside! ;-)

He loved the smores!!

Hanging out by the fire.

I would say our camping trip was a success....this was what everyone did on the way home!

Camping is not my favorite activity, but I do it because my boys (big and little) love it! I took one for the team! :-) I told Jonathan I would really like a pop-up camper before our next trip though!

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