Friday, December 10, 2010

Missing Daddy

My sweet little guy all snuggled up in bed, but that is not what makes these pictures so special.

Notice the small red photo album by his is pictures of him and his daddy and he sleeps with it every night. When I put him to bed it was next to him on his other pillow, but when I went into the room to check on him it was right next to his head.

Poor guy misses his daddy SO much! I thought after we made it through the first couple of weeks we would be kind of "home free", but not for this daddy's boy. He asks for him several times a day and often ends up tears over wanting him. Breaks my heart! Luckily, we are halfway through the deployment and will see daddy in about 6 weeks!

We are looking forward to our month in Alabama where we can spend time with our family!!


  1. 6 weeks, makes is sound like Ill be home in a snap when you say only 6 weeks... I love that boy, we are gonna have some catching up time when I get home. Every day I look at the Christmas card picture and I cant help but smile and think about how much I love you guys and how blessed we are as a family. I love you guys more than I can ever show or tell, boy am I blessed!!!

  2. I agree with Jonathan! Once we hit the half way mark, it started to go pretty fast! (Except the last week or so, once Jonathan leaves, it drags on, because he is so close to being home!!)You made it through the hardest part, now the countdown can begin!