Sunday, December 19, 2010

Morning at the mall

On Thursday morning Cole and I headed to the Galleria to meet Jonathan's sister Misty at the mall. She was in town for a quick visit so this was a good meeting spot.

Waiting in line for the carousel.

Cole wanted to ride Rudolph. Not sure this is actually Rudolph, but to him it was.

Cole and Papaw. Cole was tired and not in the best mood that day, as you can tell by this picture.

We also went to Build a Bear so Cole could make his first animal. He chose a monkey which is very fitting. I like monkeys and apparently Cole does too so it was a good choice.
About to help stuff the monkey.

Picking out a heart for the monkey.

And bathing him too.

Leaving the store with his monkey. He even got a cute Alabama hat to wear because all monkeys wear Bama hats, or they should anyway. :=)

We had a good morning, but Cole was getting tired and ornary so it was time to go!

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  1. Looks like a blast... wish I was there to hang with ya'll... Love ya loads & see ya soon!!!