Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Week

Cole and I have had a great week preparing for Easter. We started out by stuffing tons of eggs full of candy for our after lunch egg hunt.

Cole was a big help and he actually didn't eat too much candy. :-)

On Friday morning we made cross and heart sugar cookies. This was my second attempt at cut out cookies and it went much better this time. BUT, I probably won't be making them again anytime soon. My kitchen looked liked a bomb went off and they took forever. Two BIG drawbacks for me.

Cole was just slightly covered in flour! :-)

The finished product. The turned out pretty cute and they were very tasty!

On Saturday we took Cole to Bass Pro Shop to see the Easter Bunny.

I tried to get a smile from him, but this was the best I could get...

Heading in to Bass Pro Shop

Checking out the Easter Bunny. He did much better this year and Bass Pro gave us a free 4x6 photo.

On Saturday afternoon we dyed eggs. Bryce and Kaitlyn joined us in the fun.

Our finished eggs.

Our family!

We have had a great week, but Easter is certainly not about eggs, Easter bunnies and candy. While I enjoy all these things, I make it a point to remind Cole what Easter truly is about and why we celebrate. My heart just aches when Good Friday comes and then rejoices when Sunday comes around. HE is alive and for that I couldn't be more blessed!

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