Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Neighborhood Easter Social

On Saturday we had our neighborhood Easter social. I have been coordinating the social events for my neighborhood and have really enjoyed doing so. I find it fun getting to spend someone else's money. :-)

The weather was pretty unpredictable Saturday morning and even rained a little, but by the time the party started the sun was coming out and it warmed up a bit. All in all, I think it turned out pretty good.

He had his basket and was ready to hunt some eggs!

This was Cole being terrified of the Easter bunny

So I took my picture since he wouldn't!

My wonderful neighbors: Dani, Troy and their little guy, Kaden

Our "little brother" Matthew

Cole hunting eggs. We hid TONS of eggs so the kids got quite a bit of candy! :-)

Then on Saturday afternoon we had Ty's first birthday party. It has been so fun watching Ty grow and change over the last year. I am so glad we were able to celebrate his big day!

Tyler the 1 year old! :-)

Playing at the party

The cake was yummy!

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  1. We had a blast too!! I wish I would have been there for the Easter Bunny. I was hoping to get some good pics! :) Oh, well, we'll try next year!