Monday, March 1, 2010

You know you have a one year old when...

I made this list right around Cole's first birthday as a coping mechanism for the chaos. As I look at it now I am happy to see that we have made some progress. Of course there are new challenges to replace the old ones, but it is always good to see progress. I know a list similar to this can be made for every age so hopefully I will continue it as Cole gets older. So, without further ado, the list:

You know you have a one year old when:

1. You open your nightstand drawer to put chapstick on only to find the top of the chapstick has been chewed/eaten off. Part of a balanced diet I'm sure.

2. All of your decorations have been moved higher and higher. Apparently this is the new style. In my house anyway...

3. Your toilet seats are always down and your bathroom door stays shut.

4. Your freshly folded laundry is tossed back into the laundry basket during the 2 seconds you walk out of the room to put up other laundry. Or, your helper decides to put the laundry away himself.

5. Your dog's water bowl is constantly getting spilled. I thought this would be prevented by putting it on the back deck, but it spills pretty well out there too.

6. Your closet and bathroom look like Hurricane Rita came through. All this is for a good cause though, a shower is necessary at least every other day.

7. You find a toothbrush in your pantry.

8. You always have a company while using the bathroom. Who needs privacy anyway?

9. Your house suddenly becomes a jungle gym. Are boys born with a climbing gene or something?

10. Your heart is so full of love that you couldn't imagine life any other way!

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