Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A couple of firsts...

Since Cole is getting older and able to do more things (which makes me VERY happy by the way) we have been trying out new stuff so a few weeks ago I took Cole to his first movie. Several friends were going with their kiddos and it was only $1 to get in and $1 for popcorn and drinks, so I figured I didn't have much to lose. I knew he wouldn't sit the entire movie because he is not much of a television watcher, but alas, we gave it a try and he did pretty good. He sat for about 45 minutes and then he was done. Kaitlyn went with us so I let her finish watching the movie while Cole and I went outside played. He did as good as I could have expected him too and we will try it again in a few months when he gets a little older.

Cole and Kaitlyn about to head into the theater

He sure did love the popcorn.

Another first was our bowling adventure yesterday. It has been so hot outside that I have been trying to figure out indoor things we can do without having to drive all the way to the city. The base has a nice little bowling alley and it was not very crowded and was super cheap (thanks, Dani!).

Cole and Kaden

Mommy and Cole. The tan lines are great, huh? :-)

Cole and Kaitlyn.

She is like a big sister to him and we are so thankful!

All in all, bowling turned out to be pretty fun. Sadly, I only got just above a 100 and that was with bumpers! :-) I won't quit my day job anytime soon.

Can't wait to keep experiencing more "firsts" with my little man!

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  1. Seems like there are alot more "firsts" with mommy rather than Dad... Bummer, I guess thats one of the perks of being a mom. Doesn't mean I love him no less!