Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to grocery shop with a toddler...

First, you bring snacks or better yet, just pick some off the shelf, open them and let your little one go to town .

And secondly, take some help. 11 year olds are perfect for this task! And ones wearing Alabama shirts are even better. :-)

No, Cole wasn't under arrest he was instead showing the camera how messy he was. I don't recommend Gerber Zesty Tomatoes Crunchies because they are so messy, but they entertained him so the mess is a fair trade.

And again, why 11 year olds are helpful... She cleaned him up while I took pictures. Thanks Kaitlyn!

Now I know this post may seem a little odd, but for me, well I am just documenting progress.

Cole has always hated riding in his carseat or a shopping cart (really anywhere where he was restrained, imagine that) so the first year of his life I shopped with him strapped to my chest in the Baby Bjorn. This worked wonders until he became way too heavy and my back couldn't handle the weight. After that I had to either grocery shop while Jonathan was at home or drop him off at Jonathan's work while I shopped. Crazy, right? So the fact that we can make it through the entire store without him screaming to get out or having meltdowns is progress!

In my opinion, things really do get better (and slightly easier) as children age. Here's to hoping for much more progress in the months to come!

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