Thursday, August 19, 2010

Water Party

Cole had a blast at our church back to school water party this morning. The party was actually scheduled for Tuesday, but due to the rain and cool temps that day (it was in the 70's) they moved it to today. They had two huge blow up slides set up as well as a slip n slide and sprinklers. They served yummy watermelon and lemonade too. Cole was not the least bit timid (imagine that!) and headed right up the slide. I am think I am as tired as him now and will be sore after helping lift his 33 pound self to the top of the ladder so he could slide. He had fun though so it makes it all worth it!

Ready, set,


This was on the other slide. He came down pretty good!


Thinking about what to do next...

One more week of summer and then preschool and other fall activities begin! I have so enjoyed my summer with Cole, but am looking forward to a routine again soon.

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