Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wild Wednesday

Cole and I headed to Paradise Park in Lees Summit with some friends for some good ole' indoor (and a little outdoor) fun! It is still very hot here which means we are continuing our search for indoor activities.

We have been here twice before, but the last time was about 7 months ago. It is crazy the difference 7 months makes! Cole was able to play and enjoy himself more, which in turn makes me enjoy it more too!

Here are some of the things he did:

Played in the huge ball pit!

Climbed a big rope with Kaden and Andrew.

Took a break to pose with mommy for a picture. I sure do love this little guy more and more each day!

He loved the face painting and we were all entertained watching him, Kaden and Adam paint themselves silly.

He looks like he is ready for war! :-)

I was going to do some shopping afterwards, but Cole was so tired so we just came on home and I let him get a good nap. When he woke up we headed for Dairy Queen. He was just begging for ice cream...or maybe it was my idea. :-)

We split this yummy Oreo brownie earthquake treat. Needless to say we had small dinners after eating this.

He loved it as much as me! :-)

So fun to spend good, quality time with Cole. Preschool and other fall activities start soon, so we are enjoying our last couple weeks of slow paced living.

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