Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

We started our Christmas festivities with a visit on Christmas Eve from my mom, stepdad, little sister Courtney, older sister Stephanie, her husband Jay and their three kids, plus my dad.  We did this last year too and it worked out great so we kept it up for this year.  

I made a big lunch with the traditional Christmas food and we all ate and hung out. It was really a great time!

Cole and Aunt Courtney.  He is a little crazy about her!  :-)

Cole and my dad after lunch.

Let the present chaos begin!

He loved his dragon from Grandmommy.

My mom and her girls.

My family left Christmas Eve evening then it was time to get ready for bed so Santa could come!

And he did come!

Jonathan's present to Cole.  I wasn't overly involved in the purchase of this, but Cole was excited!

Cole got his first gun...a Red Ryder.

He is into Power Rangers right now so he was excited about his book.

Ready to go for a quick ride before getting ready to head to Alabama.

It was so nice to be in our home on Christmas morning, but also get to be with family too.  We left about 10am and headed to Jonathan's parents to spend the day/night with them.  

Cole with his Aunt Misty and Uncle Josh.

The three (or really 4!) of us!

Happy boy!  He had such a thankful heart on Christmas day which was really a blessing to Jonathan and I.  

The movie Brave and a cool new football.

Where is Roxy?  :-)

More cool toys!

We had such a great Christmas with family and most importantly celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We have so many blessings to be thankful for and it is my prayer that I never take those blessings for granted or forget to give God the glory for them!

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