Friday, January 25, 2013

Fini Flight

Last Friday we attended the fini flight of our friend, Jason "Tank" Erb and his wife Chanie.  This was our second time to be stationed with them, but unfortunately they were only here for a year.  Jason got out of the Air Force and took a reserve job back in his home state of Nebraska.   I know they are excited to be close to family again and I can't blame them!

Cole as we were heading out the door...

Cole and Bodey (Jason and Chanie's son) being silly before heading out to the flight line.  

Chanie and new baby Levi.  He is two months old and oh so cute!

 Tank climbing out of the T-38 for the last time.

And then getting squirted with water guns by the kiddos.

Cole and his daddy.  Two of my favorite boys!  :-)

Cole and Bodey playing in an old T-38.  This occupied these boys for quite some time while the adults chatted and ate. 

We sure will miss the Erb's, but are thankful for the time here that we had together!

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