Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crosby in 3D/4D

I'm about 3 weeks behind on posting these pictures, but I wanted to make sure they made the blog since this is my scrapbook. :-)

I wills start by saying that Crosby wasn't overly cooperative for the ultrasound.  He had his hands and feet all around his face almost the entire time...about 20 minutes, which made getting face shots somewhat difficult. I have a video of the ultrasound that I have enjoyed watching and showing to Cole since he wasn't with us that day.  

I am just in love with this sweet face and can't wait to kiss those cheeks!  

A little hand and a foot.  That doesn't look comfortable to me at all, but he doesn't seem to mind. :-)

I am determined to enjoy the baby stage with Crosby more than I did with Cole.  I was too busy rushing Cole to the next stage that I really felt like I missed out on alot of his babyhood because of it.  BUT, I think with a good ole' perspective check (as I like to call it) and the help of God I will be able to embrace this time and change in our life and really savor it and enjoy it.  

We can't wait to meet you Crosby Stephen!

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