Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

We really lived it up on New Years Eve (insert sarcasm here)!  Jonathan and the neighbor went and bought some fireworks and the kids had fun shooting them.  Poor Roxy was traumatized from all the noise that she wouldn't even go outside to potty!

Eating a PBJ before the festivities begin.

The boys all bundled up.

Cole and Chloe having fun with the sparklers. 

Messing with the father, like son.

About to roast a marshmallow.

Cole's BFF Chloe.

We had a few close calls with the fireworks, but we all came out unscathed.  :-)  None of us made it up to midnight, but then again, we never do!  

Here's to a great 2013 as we await the arrival of baby Crosby!

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