Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Professional Pictures

We had family pictures and Cole's two year pictures made by a local photographer before Jonathan left. We wanted them taken outdoors and with the beautiful fall colors it turned out to be a great time of year for that.

Unfortunately, I only bought the copyright to two images so those are the only two I can show on here. I did order prints of all the other ones she took so I have displayed throughout the house.

If you are family and reading this, expect a 5x7 of each of these as part of your Christmas gift. Sorry to spoil it for you! :-)

Cole was so cute in this pose. We didn't tell him to put his hands like that, he just did it on his own. Part of the reason we liked this picture so much!

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  1. Great family portrait! The picture of Cole sitting barefoot on the roof reminds us of the many times we went into the kitchen and found Jonathan had climbed up & was sitting on top of the refrigerator barefoot when he was just a toddler, too!