Thursday, November 11, 2010


At Bible Study yesterday the childcare workers asked the kids what they are thankful for and then they wrote it down. As you can see below Cole is thankful for tigers. :-) Kaden (Cole's friend and neighbor) is also in Cole's class during Bible Study and he was thankful for milk. Dani and I were cracked up at their responses. I am sure what Cole meant to say is that he is thankful for his mother who works tirelessly to make sure he is well taken care of. ;-)

Cole helped me with some baking yesterday. His favorite part (and mine!) is licking the beater.

The smile says it all. That chocolate cake batter is good!!

And a couple of cute pictures before we headed to church yesterday morning.

He liked posing with the frisbee apparently.

Cole and I are two weeks down with many more to go, but we are hanging in there and pretty much enjoying each other's company. He always keeps things interesting so that is a good thing...I think. :-)


  1. Boy you take care of your mama now you hear me! That woman feeding you chocolate cake batter and all, you make sure you behave real well for her and tell her you love lots of times for Daddy. I love & miss you guys!

  2. Jonathan always loved to lick the beaters when we mixed chocolate cake batter, too! Good batter is hard to beat (pun intended)!