Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weekend of Fun

Saturday afternoon we went to Kaden's birthday party at Spirit Express. What a great place for a party and for kids to get their energy out.

Cole was ready to play!

In the bounce house and pointing to the birthday boy Kaden.

Jumping down the trampoline.

Wee! Troy was bouncing them and they were loving it!

My lil' guy and me

Cake time!

On Sunday after church we went to McDonald's for lunch. I was just going to go through the drive thru because we were heading to the commissary, but Cole wanted to dine in. So, dine in we did. :-) Here he is enjoying his lunch. Gotta love the ketchup all over this face!

The weekends usually seem so long with Jonathan gone, but we have been keeping busy so it helps to pass the time.


  1. Party sure looks like a fun time!!! Glad my buddy enjoyed it!

  2. Oh man now I want a cheeseburger from McDonalds it is lunch time after all. :-p awesome picks keep up the good work Heather and just out of curiousity have you ever thought of photography as a profession i guess is how you would say it because I have yet to see a bad picture.