Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

Cole wants to go outside and play! Once the rain stopped Wednesday afternoon it was the perfect weather to get outside and splash around in. It was around 60 degrees so the temperature was great for a late November day. We take advantage of any opportunity to play outside so weren't going to let a little water stop us.

Cole put on his rain boots and was ready!

In action splashing down the gutters where the most water was.

Bryce came down to play.

And Kaitlyn too.

He even took a picture with me.

And this last one is a little x-rated, but too cute not to share. He put on my rain boots when we came back in. I had to get a picture, but I did ask him to cover his "private parts". ;-)

And a random picture of his new, super cute shark hat. He was so proud of it and wore it all afternoon, even to Wal-Mart. Not sure what Roxy was thinking in this picture. That we are crazy, maybe? :-)

Having a little boy in the house adds a different level of fun (and stress at times), but I sure wouldn't change it.


  1. Playing in the rain on a warm fall day looks like loads of fun. I am digging the shark hat, looks like he likes it too (some kiddo's hate hats). The rain boots pic is absolutely adorable. Only thing better would be to get you to do the same thing, but strike a pose, I promise I wont post them on a blog...

  2. lol wow it looks like you guys had a great time. My mom just informed me about your page recently. this post was flipping awesome I'm glad you guys had fun and got to play in the rain

  3. Good to see you guys having so much fun!