Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

We rounded out our Halloween weekend with some good ole' traditional trick or treating. We started out the evening at Chauna's house where several of the neighbors got together for pizza. After that it was costume time and we headed out.

He has become quite affectionate for picture taking. :-)

Cole, Adam and Andrew

This was supposed to be a family pic of Adam and Abby, but somebody wouldn't get out of the way!

First house: Mary's!

Getting the hang of this!

Cole and Ty had it made... Being pulled in a wagon and eating candy.

One of our neighbors rented a cotton candy machine. How cool is that? Did I mention I LOVE cotton candy, but Cole ate all of this and I got none? I almost went back for my own. :-)

Cole and Kaitlyn

Cole at the end of the night. Look closely and you can see his sticky, candy covered face. He woke up this morning with a rash all over his chin... can't imagine why.

We had a fun Halloween, but one thing was sure missing...Daddy!


  1. I'm glad he has the kids, Adam, Kaden, Ty, Katlyn, Abby etc... I know he loves to play with them and I bet that helps pass the time. Who knows he may not really even understand... Maybe its wishful thinking on my behalf, but I already miss the fool out of that kid. I love you buddy and am glad you had a love and fun filled trick or treat night!!!

  2. Looks like Cole & his friends had a great time on Halloween!